Coastal Serenity

Cool breeze and chill vibes. To us there’s no other way to live.

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Water Marbling

We created this beautiful effect by dropping ink onto water creating an organic ocean inspired pattern.

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Wellness Space

Create a space in your home that allows you to take the time
you need for yourself. Invite relaxation and meditation using
a calm neutral palette using soft textured natural fibers.

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Secret Garden

Bring the light inside and nurture yourself
with the beauty of nature

Natural Elements

Platter Pairings

Introduce your friends to recipes using platters everyone will be pinning about.

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Wedding + Party

Elevate your special event with unique decor you can use during and after the party

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Our beliefs at Anaya

We believe in connecting with unique elements in nature to live a grounded + inspired life. 

Cane Wicker + Seagrass Collection

Handwoven Textiles

Our textiles are unique, and made with high quality natural materials at fair prices

Stylish Storage

We combined Handwoven Fabric and Mango Wood to create this unique Side Table with functional storage

Handwoven Recycled Fabrics

We create unique handwoven fabrics we use for benches, stools, side tables and matching pillows. We love to recycle fabrics and often use Denim as a re-purposed material

Cotton + Linen

We use the softest Cotton + Linen fabrics in all of our pillows, throws and curtains. Natural fibers have naturally cooling properties

Platter Pairings

Our in house Chef Jillian creates unique recipes that pair perfectly with our Marble + Ceramic Platters

Nature's Beauty

We use colors + materials we find in nature to help your home feel more grounded

Natural Elements
Rainbow Sandstone

Rainbow Sandstone is a natural mineral from the mountains of India. The natural waves this pattern creates brings a richness to any home that only mother nature can create.


Your body will feel immediate relief as the ropes suspend you weightlessly in the air. The Anaya Rope Chair is the most comfortable seat you'll sit on.


Our Crinkled Double Weave Linen Blanket is the epitome of luxe and Wellness without the massive price tag. Invite relaxation and meditation using a calm neutral palette using soft textured natural fibers.

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