Natural Woven Lust


We love to be as close to nature as possible- especially at home. 

Natural woven materials have been making a huge comeback to give our homes that warm, earthy feel. They have spread across the globe and are seen as an exotic form of furnishing with elaborate design that is intricately detailed. 

Jute, seagrass, and rattan are derived from tropical plants and are materials we love to use to bring nature into our homes. 

Our customer favorite cane collection derives from the rattan plant native to the Asian Pacific islands.

Rattan has a solid stem that is harvested and the outer skin is peeled for use as a weaving material. The solid core of the cane is cut into sections and steamed to make them easier to bend and shape into a curve.

This method of weaving called "Caning" is an ancient technique that originated as basket material that Egyptian Pharaohs would possess and utilize. The intricate woven details give a luxurious yet organic look to modern decor. 

The use of these natural materials bring a calming, grounding affect to our home along with being naturally sustainable to our environment. Rattan is biodegradable and 100% recyclable- unlike synthetic materials used in many home good products. 

Consider these materials to give your home the luxury eco-chic vibe while being environmentally aware.