Self-Love Rituals


"Dinacharya" in ayurveda is taking the time to nurture yourself during the day to help balance your doshas. These daily rituals become a form of meditation- centering and grounding your soul to take on whatever the day may bring.

Dina in Sanskrit means "day" while Charya means routine or practice. 

Ayurveda suggests practicing these rituals in the morning to create a solid foundation for your day. These rituals helps create natural rhythms within your body that connect with the Earth's cycle. 

Healthy morning rituals could include washing your face, oil pulling, sipping on warm yerba maté, and setting your intentions for the day through meditation. 

One of our favorite ways to add Dinacharya into our daily lives revolves around bath time. Daily bathing creates a space to cleanse all of the days impurities throughout the body and mind.  

Lighting a flame, practicing Abhyanga, pouring in rose scented sea salt, and sinking into a tub of warm water is one of the ultimate forms of self-care. Taking the time for yourself to just "be"- away from life's distractions. 

Dinacharya is meant to be there for us everyday to create a nurturing space for self-love.