Odette Annable x Erin Fetherston x Domino Magazine Texas Home Design Featuring Anaya Soft Cozy White Pillows

Actress, Odette Annable partnered up with talented LA based designer, Erin Fetherston to renovate her new abode based in Austin, Texas. 

"Taking a DIY approach to most of the renovations—Odette's husband, Dave, took a sledgehammer to a wall or two and Odette helped rework a wet bar into a mudroom-like hallway (a catchall for hats, coats, and shoes)—not only kept their creative juices flowing but helped them see the potential behind eyesores, like the entryway’s spiral staircase."

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"Whether it was guiding the Annables on how to take measurements or finding furniture, Fetherston’s help came from afar—it wasn’t until May of this year that she was able to visit in person. Limited access went beyond her client’s space—stores and showrooms were closed, too, which meant relying heavily on online shopping. Her advice: Trust the images; they’re more accurate than your imagination. “I always collage all the pieces I’ve selected together on a page, which helps to read color,” says Fetherston. “I also request swatches whenever possible to double check. I’m pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the sourcing process went.” - Erin Fetherston, Domino Magazine


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