Coastal Breeze Indigo Indoor Outdoor Placemat

Coastal Breeze Indigo Indoor Outdoor Placemat


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The Coastal Breeze Indigo Indoor Outdoor Placemat is designed with versatility in mind, ideal for both indoor and outdoor dining settings. Whether it's placed on a wooden dining table indoors or used to enhance a tabletop setting outside, it effortlessly elevates any entertaining arrangement.

This durable Acrylic fabric made with a unique technology that withstands tough weather conditions for many years to come.

The Anaya Pure Air Collection features Indoor and Outdoor Placemats made with nanotechnology that eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses, and stains when exposed to sunlight. Developed by scientists in Spain, this unique technology is integrated into the fabric, which is then woven in the mill and cut and sewn in our Miami, FL facility.

PureAir Technology: Very soft Acrylic fabric suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use, Self-cleaning fabric, Anti-mold, Anti-viral, UV-resistant, Quick-dry, 5-year Warranty.


Color: Blue.

Pattern: Indigo Blue Diamond Pattern on White Ground.

Size: 14"x19".

Fabric: Soft 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic. 

Wash Instructions: Spot Clean or Machine Wash on Delicate using Cold Water only, Hang to Dry.

Made in the USA.


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