Jennais the Creative Director for Anaya. Her vast experience in the fashion + lifestyle industry has brings a unique approach to Anaya. She credits her Argentinian + Italian mother Josephine & grandmother Nona Maria with helping her develop a strong eye for sewing, weaving, drawing and crafting at a very early age. Jenna studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and has had a successful career as an Apparel, Textile and Accessories Designer. “The coastal lifestyle I live with my family and the experiences I’ve had (especially through traveling) all influence my design process."

Exploring the lush landscape in the Garden City of Singapore.

“There is a sense of romance + fantasy I bring to my work. I am inspired by wanderlust, creativity and escapism.

Sometimes you need to escape reality to feed your senses.”

"When I travel, I search for an environment that has an immediate calming effect on my senses. I felt this in the Longjing Tea Plantation in Hangzhou, China, trekking on top of the Great Wall of China, scuba diving in Thailand in the caves near Koh Phi Phi, or gazing at the majestic symmetrical Mt. Fuji at the Hoshinoya. I’m always applying these sensations of calming and relaxing to my work for Anaya by using elements of color, texture and pattern. 

Design is a very powerful tool that can be used to help revive the mind, body + soul.

For me, that journey starts at home." 

"At home, family life is very important to me. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Nona crocheting gorgeous dress patterns, cooking huge Italian feasts and bonding over tea time as she taught me about the incredible healing properties of tea.

Cooking + creating are a big part of my family's every day life. That's how we spend time together and bond."

We are now passing down our traditions to my niece Rhiannon, who loves to create her own recipes and always has a new art exhibition to display in our hallways. 

Jenna created a sanctuary at home that helped her relax her body and mind. She had chronic pain for years with no resolution. After being bedridden for a year, a Lyme Disease Diagnosis was finally made. Jenna was able to eradicate the majority of her symptoms through a continuation of advanced + alternative therapy as well as an overall focus on health and wellness.

“Having a chronic condition has influenced my life in so many ways.
It's important to me that I focus on the positive aspects.  

As a designer, I use my hyper sensitivity to my advantage.  

The quality of every fabric I use for Anaya products is only the best of the best. We use the softest quality natural fibers in cotton and linen- in every pillow and every throw we create.” 

Anaya is a beautiful word that means "unique" in Hindi. We chose this name because it connects our seasonal Ayurveda practices with using unique elements we find in nature. We source unique materials  and work with skilled artisans who can achieve special techniques. We pride ourselves in having a low overhead and offering fair prices to our consumers, so that we can give back by helping to support artisans in need.  





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