Rustic Luxury

To decorate for the Harvest season, we added our artisan crafted candle votives from the Anaya Mosaic Glass Collection to the fireplace mantle of the Rye Tavern, Plymouth MA circa 1792. Lighting candles has become a part of our nightly routine as it adds warmth and a touch of romance. "Fire" is one of the five elements in Ayurveda. It generates energy and warmth, and is one of the most important elements to have in every room during the Fall season.


Starting from the far left, we used the 3"x3" Pink Mosaic Glass Votive, 3.5"x4" and 4"x7"Diamond Mosaic Glass Votive and the 4" Petal Mosaic Glass Votive.


In this section of the mantle, we used the 5"x9" and 4"x7" Silver Crushed Mosaic Votive and the 4"x7" and 3.5"x4" Wavy Pearl Mosaic Votive and the 5" Petal Mosaic Glass Votive.

A rustic fireplace brings a natural backdrop to the candle votives as their mosaic patterns illuminate in the night.

From left to right: 3.5"x4" Wavy Pearl Mosaic Votive, 4"x7" Silver Crushed Mosaic Votive, 4"x7" Diamond Mosaic Votive, 4"x4" Pink Mosaic Glass Votive, 4" Petal Mosaic Glass Votive, 3"x3" Pink Mosaic Glass Votive, 4"x7" Wavy Pearl Mosaic Votive, 3.5"x4" Diamond Mosaic Glass Votive, 5"x9" Silver Crushed Mosaic Votive