Home Styling Tips based on your Dosha

"Dosha" means energy. There are three doshas in Ayurveda—vata, pitta, and kapha. Learning your dosha and understanding your energy can help you live a balanced life through implementing Ayurvedic practices. Create balance in your home with our home styling tips based on your Dosha.

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Color Palette: Rooms should be grounded in neutrals (white, beige, taupe, grays) with Earth Tone Accents: Light Pinks, Light Blue, Mint Green
Metal Accents: Gold and Brass
Décor Accents: Light colored wood, Candles
Fabrics: Cozy and Soft
Patterns: No overstimulating patterns, small geometrics, stripes, Ombre and Tie Dye
Décor Styles: Organic Modern, Scandinavian, Modern Boho
Careers: Writer, Designer, Director, Freelancer
Personality traits: Dreamer, Artistic, Self-motivated
Important rooms: Art/Craft/Hobby Room
Product Recommendations: Quilted Pillows, Handwoven Taupe Bench & Pillows, Beige Linen Pillows, Pink Linen Pillows, Rose Gold Side Table, Gold Floral Wood Table Lamp, Pink Ombre Pillow, Pink Tie Dye Pillow and Throw, Soft Cozy White Pillow, Blanket Stitch Throw, Rose Quartz Cake Stand, Pink Speckled Mug
Don’t use: Bright colors, Large Complex patterns




Color Palette: Navy, Indigo, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Gray
Metal Accents: Silver
Décor Accents: Flowers and Plants
Fabrics: Use lightweight fabrics
Patterns: Marbled, Waves, Tie-Dye, Leaves
Décor Styles: Coastal, Tropical
Careers: Manager, Sales Executive, VP
Personality traits: Talkative, Charismatic, Organized, Perfectionist
Important rooms: Organizes and works a lot so make sure to have a clean organized home office. Create a space in the home that allows you to relax
Product Recommendations: Indigo Storage Side Table, Green, Blue & Beige Linen Pillows, Handwoven Indigo Pillows/Benches/Stools, Indigo Pouf, Gray Marbled Pillow, Gray Marble Platter, Silver Votive, Cane & Seagrass Collection, Coastal Handwoven Rope Table Lamp, Indigo Rug, Chambray Curtain, Indigo Tie Dye Throw, Crinkled Linen Throw, Blue Sky Ceramic Mug, White & Purple Marble Platters,
Don’t use: Warm Colors




Color Palette: All tones of Red, Orange, Terracotta, Beige, Brown, Green
Décor Accents: Warm colored woods, Fireplace, Statement Pieces, Green Accents
Fabrics: Wool, warm cozy fabrics
Patterns: Fun and eye catching, Bold weaves
Décor Styles: Farmhouse, Rustic, Desert Chic, Mountain Home
Careers: Teacher, Nurse, HR Manager, Security, Comfort and Stability is key.
Personality Traits: Nurturing, helpful, Reliable, Team player
Important Rooms: Living Rooms with Natural light
Product Recommendations: Handwoven Terracotta pillow/stool, Rainbow Sandstone Collection, Hand Carved Floral Wood Cabinet, Wood & White Marble Picture Frame and Platters, Rainbow Tassel Pillow, Jute Rug, Drip Glaze Ceramic Dip Platter, Pink Marble Collection, Mint Green Ceramic Leaf Platter, Cane & Seagrass Collection, Handwoven Taupe Bench/Pillows
Don’t Use: All neutral colors. Instead, ground in neutrals with pops of warm colors.