Heart Chakra Mineral Bath Salts

Connect to your Heart Chakra with our Heart Chakra Mineral Bath Salts; inviting awareness of the present moment. This recipe makes for a beautiful thoughtful gift for your friends or family.

In Ayurveda Yoga the heart Chakra is the energy center for love, compassion, and emotion in our bodies and in our lives.  

This herbal blend relaxes tense muscles, softens skin, boost the immune system, and is uplifting and cooling. According to Ayurvedic, the rose is used in many rasayanas. Rasayana is rejuvenation therapy of herbal formulas that promote overall health and longevity.



Mixing Bowl
Sealed Container or Jar to store salts
For gifts- use this Jar that comes with a spoon


1 cup Epsom Salt
¼ cup of Himalayan Pink Salt 
½ cup of Organic Dried Rose Petals
1 teaspoon of Organic Rose Essential Oil  

  • Pour all Salts and dried rose petals in a clean dry bowl.
  • Mix together thoroughly.
  • Add rose essential oil and mix thoroughly.
  • Store in a beautiful sealed container or jar for personal use or as a gift. 
  • Place ½ cup of mineral bath salts directly in warm bath water and enjoy!